hope1 [ houp ] verb ***
intransitive or transitive to want and expect something to happen or be true:
hope (that): I just hope she's pleasant to him on his birthday.
hope for: It wouldn't be sensible to hope for immediate success.
The best they can hope for is to get temporary accommodation.
hope and pray (that): We can only hope and pray that Stephen is alive.
hope to do something: The university is hoping to raise $3,000,000.
He hopes to sell his art to a major museum.
a. transitive used for showing that you do not like what someone is doing or thinking of doing:
I hope you're not going to use all the milk.
hope (that): That's not my sweater you're wearing, I hope.
b. transitive SPOKEN used for saying that you are depending on something happening:
hope (that): I'm hoping that Ray's got the key, otherwise we can't get in.
c. transitive used in polite statements:
hope (that): I hope you don't mind me asking, but where did you buy those shoes?
We do hope you enjoy your stay with us.
half hope/hoping (that)
used about your feelings when you are not sure whether you want something or not:
She waited at the station, half hoping that he would not show up.
hope against hope
to hope that something will happen or be true, even though you know it is very unlikely
hope for the best
to hope that a bad situation will have the best result that is possible
hope to God SPOKEN
used for emphasizing that you very much hope something will happen
I hope not SPOKEN
used for saying that you do not want something to happen or be true:
Do you have to work late tonight? I hope not.
I hope so SPOKEN
used in replies to questions for saying that you would like something to happen:
Do you think the Mets have a chance to win the pennant? I hope so .
I should/would hope so SPOKEN
used for emphasizing that you feel it is right that something happened or will happen:
I'll pay all the money back. I would hope so!
hope 2 [ houp ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount the feeling or belief that something you want to happen is likely to happen:
hope for: These young people have no hope for the future.
full of hope: She arrived in London, young and full of hope.
someone's hope is that: My hope is that one day she will forgive me.
hope of: The team's hopes of a championship are fading fast.
offer/give hope to someone: The new budget did offer more hope to unemployed disabled people.
2. ) count or uncount a chance that something good will happen:
hope of: There is little hope of any improvement in his condition.
someone's only hope: Our only hope was to get her to a hospital fast.
hope (that): Is there any hope that she will change her mind?
hope of doing something: Rescuers refused to give up all hope of finding more survivors.
a ) a chance for success, or a person who you believe has a chance of succeeding:
hope for: Our children are our greatest hope for the future.
Henman is Britain's brightest tennis hope.
best hope: A coalition government offers the country its best hope for peace.
last hope: Many people saw the new president as their last hope for political change.
b ) a glimmer/ray of hope a slight but real possibility of success:
The transplant offers Lucy and her parents a new glimmer of hope.
3. ) count usually singular something that you wish for:
someone's hope is to: I know it's unrealistic, but his hope is to win a scholarship.
the hope is that: The hope is that he will eventually come to his senses.
beyond (all) hope
so much or so badly that it will never get better:
The political situation in the country has deteriorated beyond all hope.
get someone's hopes up/build someone's hopes (up)/raise someone's hopes
to make someone expect something they want even though you are not certain it will happen:
I don't want to raise her hopes about the promotion until I'm sure.
have high/great hopes for someone
to hope and expect that someone will be very successful
hope springs eternal (in the human breast) OFTEN HUMOROUS
used for saying that there is always a chance that something you wish for might happen
in the hope that/of
wanting something to happen:
Police are carrying out a house-to-house search in the hope of finding the missing girl.
lose/give up hope
to stop believing that something you want to happen might be possible
not have a hope in hell
to have no chance of achieving something
not hold out (much) hope
to have little hope that something will happen

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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